In Memorium – Carol Novack


Thank you for giving so much Carol. We miss you.

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Guest Post: Eric Beeny reviews Carol Novack’s Giraffes in Hiding

Review of Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack

by Eric Beeny

Giraffes in Hiding is Carol Novack’s first full-length collection of stories. Here we see Novack’s prose gliding effortlessly through stream-of-consciousness narratives into childlike realms of imagination with sly, refreshingly subversive and indignant humor while being highly critical of both political and literary establishments. Novack’s “mythical memoirs” depict the private, innocent perceptions of childhood translated through the horrors of loss and abuse while ultimately exploring humanity’s relationship to the natural world and, indeed, critiquing the organized society humanity has erected around itself.

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Buffalo ArtVoice Flash Fiction Archive

There’s been some new pieces lately so I wanted to refresh this.

Mark Doten    “The Spider and Salt Hearts: A Fragment”

Sean Lovelace  “My Identity was Stolen”

Amber Sparks  “May We Shed These Human Bodies”

Rusty Barnes    “Something Like Love”

Thomas Cooper  “The Primary Reason”

In order of appearance:

Ravi Mangla  “Souvenirs”

JA Tyler “Inconceivable Wilson”

John Madera “Was What it Was”

Scott Garson “Buffalo Gymnopédie”

Nicolle Elizabeth “Bean Counting” and “I Do All My Own Stunts”

Peter Zinn “You’ve Got to Feel Bad for Hardware Stores”

Neely Terrell “E”

Ken Sparling “The Worst Day of My Life”

Kim Chinquee “Soldier”

Matt Bell “Hali, Halle, Hamako”

Eric Beeny “Laundry Day”

Lydia Copeland  “She Turns Out the Lights”

Corium Magazine is live!

Corium Magazine, a quarterly internet journal is now live. Lauren Becker, Heather Fowler and myself are happy to share the amazing work we’ve received. Go check it out.

Short Fiction:  Stephen Elliott, Sean Lovelace, Alec Niedenthal, Adam Moorad, Donna D. Vitucci
Very Short Fiction: Kathy Fish, Scott Garson, Beth Thomas, Kim Chinquee, Sheldon Compton, Ryan Ridge, Julie Babcock, Eric Beeny, Andrea Kneeland, Christina Murphy, Laura Ellen Scott
Poetry: Shaindel Beers, Corey Mesler, Sam Rasnake, Rusty Barnes and Cami Park.
Art: Ernest Williamson, Christopher Woods, James Roninger