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In Memorium – Carol Novack


Thank you for giving so much Carol. We miss you.

From Caketrain Journal:

In memory of our dear contributor Carol Novack, here is a rough mix of a reading by Bec Garland of her story “Violet’s Dream,” which we set to music (by a cellist whose name we can no longer remember) and had planned to include in a larger audio project we unfortunately cancelled, finding it required more time than we had to give. Hopefully hearing it now may prove useful in this time of grief. Carol’s steadfast dedication to her craft was an inspiration to us, and we are honored to have met her and published her fine work.

Eric Beeny’s review of her most recent book, Giraffes in Hiding.

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  1. My wife and I stayed at her mountain home last September and came away happy to know her but worried about her health, which was beginning to fail. We spoke a few times by phone or email since then but didn’t realize the end was so near. A very great loss.

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