Happy day for small press publishing: Jaded Ibis

Jaded Ibis Press, full-spectrum publisher, who is bringing out cool books by Lily Hoang, David Hoenigman, John Dermot Woods/J.A. Tyler, Janice Lee, Anna Joy Springer, Christopher Grimes, and me (BLANK, w/ tracks from Dj Spooky), got the grand treatment in Forbes.com today.

Let’s see, the last time an indie press was covered in Forbes…oh, yes, never.

My cell is blowing up and I am now drinking Cristal from a beer bong.

Go, Debra Di Blasi.


Cultural Preservation/Interchange and Eco-Sustainable Artist Retreat, from DJ SPooky

Paul D. Miller, aka Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid–one of the most inventive artists I know–recently let me know about the new artist retreat he is involved with on the island of Vanuatu. Check it out, and if you can, help kickstart the effort.

Check out the details on the 400-acre retreat at The Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation.

Spooky is not only producing tracks for next Run DMC album, but he’s contributing something for my forthcoming novel BLANK (Jaded Ibis, 2011).