I Shot the Moon, Calamari Press, 41 / 41, SLEEPINGFISH 8

Click through to read the full review of SLEEPINGFISH, the forty-first (and final installment) in this full-press review of Calamari Press, and one in which I excerpt some tremendous work, praise Calamari Press one last time, give away copies of SLEEPINGFISH 8, and publicly offer a book contract to M. T. Fallon.

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PANK: The Queer Issue

Currently Reading: Impossible Princess, by Kevin Killian

Do you ever catch on a sentence while reading, one that no matter how many times you reread it, you just can’t derive any meaning from it, it sort-of remains more or less completely… algebraic, but instead of reading ahead to something that does resonate, you keep reading the sentence, over and over, hoping to make some kind of sense of it, because, like — you don’t want to “miss” anything… and then your mind also wanders or blanks in this weird way while reading, so you realize that not only have you reread that sentence like 50 times, you also stopped actually consciously reading it a while ago?

That happened to me this morning with this sentence, from Kevin Killian’s Impossible Princess:

“When love flattens out proportion, the body of the affected one becomes a sensitive membrane, a clock without hands.” Continue reading

Why I Dig Dennis Cooper

..Hello all! I am excited to participate in the conversation here at Big Other. Thanks to John Madera & crew for inviting me. ~tim

Recently, I wrote a tiny reflection for my local activist rag AREA Chicago on the work of Dennis Cooper and (what I believe to be) its relevance for social justice activists. Because this article was directed toward an audience of folks involved in social justice movements, I addressed more collective ramifications of Dennis’s writing. Now I would like to talk more about my personal connection w/ Dennis’s work, why I find it so compelling.

The simplest way of saying this is: I am very afraid of sex.

What am I afraid of?

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