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A Sentence About a Sentence I Love, by Matt Bell

“It was like looking at a rock pile and trying to imagine an avalanche.”

from Guide, by Dennis Cooper


Found on p. 77 of Guide, this perfect sentence hangs off the end of its paragraph, gives resonance to the slim gulf of white-space that follows it down the face of the page, a page whose paragraphs I have long since memorized the shape of solely because they are home to this sentence, perhaps the first of many that one by one awakened in me my own want to build great sentences, a want that would eventually balance and then empower my equal but different want to tell great stories.


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Matt Bell is the author of How They Were Found, Cataclysm Baby, In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods, Baldur's Gate II, and Scrapper. He currently teaches in the English department at Arizona State University.

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