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Puerto Rican Writers Folio: A Hauntology


Digressions Toward an Introduction to Big Other’s Puerto Rican Writer’s Folio: A  Hauntology
John Madera, Editor


Three Poems
Edwin Torres


Four Poems
Juan J. Morales


Ten Poems
Joey De Jesus


Grace Notes
Kenning JP García


Say No More
Robert Lopez


El Hueco
James W. Fuerst


Two Nonfictions
Hilda Lloréns


Roots and Routes
Carmen Bardeguez-Brown


Blessed Believers in the Unreal
Lyn Di Iorio


Seven Poems
Roberto F. Santiago


Five Poems
Peggy Robles-Alvarado


History of Human Migrations
Luis Othoniel Rosa


Fading Star
Ángel Lozada


Deep Salvage
Charles Rice-Gonzalez


Five Poems
Jennifer Maritza McCauley


Five Poems
Rosalie Morales Kearns


Seven Haiku
Willie Perdomo


The Ugly Roach Killer Guy
Ernesto Quiñonez


Exactly Like Nobody
Michele Carlo


Four Poems
Dimitri Reyes


Caridad De La Luz


kontinenta karibe


Latinx Poet-Philosopher Giannina Braschi: Creativity Begins Where Work Ends
Jorge Neri Bonilla


(Image: In, Between, In-between Worlds, John Madera (2016))

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