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From the Archives: Two Poems, by William Lessard


Happy birthday, William Lessard! Celebrate by reading these two Lessard poems we published on February 10, 2019!


William Lessard, Facebook poem 1

Facebook: 6/13/17

hyperlink as mimesis hyperlink as 
	   how we leave the body wet finger 
raised in an evening wind
	                     i am hyperlink
	                     i am place that is no place a nowhere now.here
hyperlink as the warmth of my seat as Google Calendar reminder
					              when i am gone 
				           hyperlink each word hyperlink each letter 
			        to the same photo bouquet
hyperlink as to-do list of empire	hyperlink as
  	                                   horizon simulation pocket cartography
        biometrics tracking the path each word tracks
					              across the tongue 
      	      		        customer serviced
      			        finger clicked hourglass 
		                i am hyperlink as promise as prophesy fulfilled
						                        from the valley of the palm
fingers that smell of campfire night tears
			                      seared to its face
       hyperlink touches that space
		            as answer we pretend not to know

  • William Lessard has writing that has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney's, American Poetry Review, Best American Experimental Writing, Plume, and Hyperallergic. His visual work has been featured at MoMA PS1.

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