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Announcing Big Other’s Best of the Net 2020 Nominations!


We are pleased to nominate the following fiction, poetry, and nonfiction pieces for inclusion in Sundress Publications‘s Best of the Net 2020 anthology:



Robert Lopez’s: “However Many Sayings to Live and Die By”

Dawn Raffel’s “Three Cities”



Will Alexander’s “George Floyd: Protracted Elevation That Raises the Sun”

Rikki Ducornet’s: “Rapture, a Bull-Hook, a Puzzle”



T. J. Anderson III’s “The Language of Faculty Meetings”

Gillian Cummings’s “The Faint Bells Calling My Name”

Raymond de Borja’s “The True Picture of the Past Whizzes By”

Elizabeth Robinson’s “Soft Eclipse”

Martha Ronk’s “The place of night”

John Yau’s “Catullus Sails to China (3)”


Thanks to all of the writers above. And thanks to the editors at Sundress Publications for considering these pieces.


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