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From the Archives: Three Poems, by Rae Armantrout

Happy birthday, Rae Armantrout! Celebrate by reading three Armantrout poems we published April 2, 2019!


Visible From Space

In the crosswalk, a woman plods,
swinging her arms briskly.

One of many
who act out

the act

they are actually


While crop circles
the desire to be seen


and I shove off
to look askance.

is an out
of body experience.


Incognito Mode

morning stillness with its
occasional ripples, shivers,
shrugs —

seemingly unprovoked



If matter is tufted
energy, then energy

is what?



I ask because,
if I know anything,

it’s that each thing
is something else.


I Think

I come between
the furnace roar
and traffic

to divide them

and further
to distinguish

from pressure.



“A thought and its
accompanying mental image,”
I say

to nobody,

causing three donkeys
to lift their heads
and stare.


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