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Announcing the Finalists for the 2019 Big Other Book Award for Translation!


We are excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 Big Other Book Award for Translation. The winner will be announced May 16, 2020 at the inaugural Big Other Book Awards Ceremony.

All the books below are linked to their respective pages at Bookshop. Visit the Big Other Shop there, where you can find the list of finalists in its entirety.

Without further ado, here are the finalists for the 2019 Big Other Book Award for Translation:

Puerto Rico en mi corazón, edited by Carina del Valle Schorske, Ricardo Maldonado, Erica Mena, and Raquel Salas Rivera (Anomalous Press)

Chantal Akerman’s My Mother Laughs (The Song Cave), translated by Corina Copp

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo’s Animalia (Grove Press), translated by Frank Wynne

Marguerite Duras’ Me & Other Writing (Dorothy), translated by Olivia Baes and Emma Ramadan

Nona Fernández’s Space Invaders (Graywolf Press), translated by Natasha Wimmer

Paulina Flores’s Humiliation (Catapult), translated by Megan McDowell

Jean Frémon’s Now, Now, Louison (New Directions), translated by Cole Swensen

Keum Suk Gendry-Kim’s Grass (Drawn and Quarterly), translated by Janet Hong

Vigdis Horth’s Will and Testament (Verso), translated by Charlotte Barslund

László Krasznahorkai’s Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming (New Directions), translated by Ottilie Mulzet

Juan José Millás’s From the Shadows (Bellevue Literary Press), translated by Thomas Bunstead and Daniel Hahn

Valérie Mréjen’s Black Forest (Deep Vellum), translated by Katie Shireen Assef

Véronique Pittolo’s Hero (Black Square Editions), translated by Laura Mullen

Paco Roca’s The House (Fantagraphics), translated by Andrea Rosenberg

Zahia Rahmani’s “Muslim”: A Novel (Deep Vellum), translated by Matt Reeck

Raymond Roussel’s The Alley of Fireflies and Other Stories (The Song Cave), translated by Mark Ford

Dušan Šarotar’s Billiards at the Hotel Dobray (Istros Books), translated by Rawley Grau

Pajtim Statovci’s Crossing (Pantheon Books), translated by David Hackston

Miyó Vestrini’s Grenade in Mouth (Kenning Editions), translated by Anne Boyer and Cassandra Gillig

Kim Yideum’s Blood Sisters (Deep Vellum), translated by Jiyoon Lee


  • John Madera is the author of Nervosities (Anti-Oedipus Press, 2024). His other fiction is published in Conjunctions, Salt Hill, The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing, and many other journals. His nonfiction is published in American Book Review, Bookforum, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Rain Taxi: Review of Books, The Believer, The Brooklyn Rail, and many other venues. Recipient of an M.F.A. in Literary Arts from Brown University, New York State Council on the Arts awardee John Madera lives in New York City, Rhizomatic and manages and edits Big Other.

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