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“My head is full of fire and grief and my tongue runs wild, pierced with shards of glass.”


Happy birthday, Federico García Lorca! Here are some quotes from his writing.

“Only mystery allows us to live, only mystery.”

“I want to sleep for half a second,
a second, a minute, a century,
but I want everyone to know that I’m still alive….”

“A poet must be a Professor of the five bodily senses. To command the most perfect images, he must open doors of communication between all of the senses.”

“I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and who are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace.”

“The artist, and particularly the poet, is always an anarchist in the best sense of the word. He must heed only the call that arises within him from three strong voices: the voice of death, with all its foreboding, the voice of love, and the voice of art.”

“As I have not worried to be born, I do not worry to die.”

“I’ve often lost myself, in order to find the burn that keeps everything awake.”

“Love is the kiss in the quiet nest while the leaves are trembling, mirrored in the water.”

“At the heart of all great art is an essential melancholy.”

“The two elements the traveler first captures in the big city are extrahuman architecture and furious rhythm. Geometry and anguish.”


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