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The Chameleons live in concert

Here are four video recordings of concerts by one of my favorite 1980s post-punk bands, The Chameleons. I sometimes describe them as existing somewhere between Joy Division, The Cure, and The Smiths; they were also a large influence on Interpol.

1. The Hacienda, Manchester (1982, 31 min)

2. The Gallery Club, Manchester (1982, 54 min)

3. Camden Palace (1984, 1 hour)

4. Manchester Academy (3 June 2000, 51 min)

This is a reunion concert:


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2 thoughts on “The Chameleons live in concert

  1. The way Mark Burgess sings ‘thunder’ in the studio version of “Swamp Thing” is one of my favorite vocal moments in basically all of rock music. Great stuff.

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