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It’s Pi Day! VIDA takes action…

VIDA recently released their annual count, which charts the number of female and male writers in major literary publications. I’ve pasted an email send from their list today, in hopes some BigOther readers might participate in pressuring these publications to fix these numbers!


It’s March 14 – happy Pi Day! In honor of our 2012 Count pies, VIDA is celebrating with a national day of email-writing and phone-calling and more. We’re hoping that everyone in our community will join in so we can make our voices HEARD.

This year, we’ve listed contact info for every publication we Count on the bottom left corner of every 2012 pie (http://www.vidaweb.org/the-count-2012).

From Amy King’s “Mic Check Redux” 2012 Count introduction: “[…] we hope that you will help extend the conversation by contacting individual publications to let them know of your appreciation or disappointment regarding their inclusion, or lack of, female writers in their publications.”

Today, VIDA invites you to join us in calling/writing/typing/faxing/gluesticking in order to question, prod, poke, and/or thank the editors and publications who deserve it most.

Please spread this call far and wide!  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=490876984293197


To Contact:
Holly Burdorff
Operations Director
VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

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