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Image replication or recycling

J. Robert Lennon’s latest novel, Familiar, came out in October 2012, and it has this cover:














It’s about a woman whose life breaks away from itself, and you can read more about it here. It’s put out by Graywolf.

In the 27 September 2012 issue of the London Review of Books there was an ad featuring a scholarly work by Patrick Grant. Imperfection, a non-fiction title, came out in May 2012 from Athabasca University Press. Here’s the cover:














What are the odds that this almost identical cover would be used by two different presses? Funnily enough, Lennons book is about a woman who suddenly has two lives, and she fights to understand what has happened and to get back to the life she always knew.

As one Bond novel put it (maybe Goldfinger): Coincidence, happenstance, or enemy action?

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