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William Gaddis Interview

“Saul Steinberg, the artist, said one of the major problems for the creative person is to avoid boredom. . . . If I’m bored, the reader is bored. There are writers that we know—we needn’t name them—I don’t understand why they don’t die of boredom at the typewriter. And they sell millions of copies.” William Gaddis in conversation with Malcolm Bradbury, on the occasion of the publication of Carpenter’s Gothic.

Dalkey Archive, publisher of new editions of both The Recognitions and J R, is doing their 10 books for $65/20 books for $120 winter sale right now. Be not bored.


3 thoughts on “William Gaddis Interview

      1. I can’t wait to read the new issue of Conjunctions. It’s a monster, once again. Looking forward to reading Gass on Borges. The Waldrops, the Olsen, the Jackson, the Field, the Evenson, the Bell, the everything, really.

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