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Book of the Hour

It’s the day after the day after the elections and some of that unwarranted liberal relief is still stewing. So as a gesture towards that, or more likely something else entirely, here’s Steve Weissman’s this:

In brief, Barack Hussein Obama is a cumulative portrait of the president (or a version of him) in four-panel short comics. The pages revolve through myopic, teenaged absurdities, surrealist oddness, artful poeticism, and nonstop hilarity. It’s really funny. And Weissman’s illustrations are brilliant, too. Scanned directly from his Moleskin, there is a wonderful hand-touched texture to the pages, each filled with smudged penciling, improvised inking, and flits of color. It’s a knockout. One of my favorite books of the year, for sure. And topical!

Some sample pages:


Found here.


  • Nick Francis Potter is the author of New Animals and Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine. He currently teaches in the Digital Storytelling Program at the University of Missouri.

1 thought on “Book of the Hour

  1. Hey, Nick.

    I’m sick of how the so-called Left in this country treats Obama with such sycophancy and awe, so I’m happy to see a smart irreverent and, from the looks of it, absurd portrait of him: a Monty Python’s Flying Circus-esque antidote to the current administration’s mean meal of bread and circuses.

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