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j/j hastain’s “Literary Pillars”

The Little Prince, Katherine Woods

TC Tolbert-Territories of Folding-Wandering, bridge-like. Narrative submerged, but also willing to be plucked up.

De LaGrace Volcano-Sublime Mutations-Oh gods, if you have not seen this just find it, please. Is like food and vision all at once. Barbell genitals, gently.

Leslie Feinberg-Stone Butch Blues-Initiation by lyric anyone? Then that scene in the bedroom with the lights low, and she knows, and she doesn’t know.

Joan Nestle-The Persistent Desire (A Butch Femme Reader)-Gritty bodies. The grit of our bodies.

Audre Lorde’s books.

Bell Hooks’ books.

Melissa Buzzeo-Face-Like some of her other works, but accentuated somehow. Perhaps that it was a transitional text toward what then came out as an underwater narrative?

Bhanu Kapil’s books-If the third eye were a gland that could be exposed on an unforeseen threshold between one kind of cream and another kind of cream.

Doug Rice-dream Memoirs of a Fabulist-Confessional atonal. Home base?

Nikos Kazantzamkis-The Last Temptation of Christ-Weeping. A heart of so many of the narratives and lyricisms that haunt.

Caroline Walker Bynum-Holy Feast Holy Fast-Kneel before and after. Slowly eat the ephemeral abbot.

Marguerite Duras’ books-A necessary pressure. Like the heat of the bath, when wrapping around you while you are in it, suddenly takes you from cold to sweating. Sudden awareness due to accumulations of press.

John Cage-Composition in Retrospect-Like Gertrude, sweet impetus to undo organic or return things to not-popular organics, not to dismantle it but to see what else of it could.

Bear Bergman-Butch is a Noun-Many sides of a double vision.

Robert Gluck- Margery Kempe-Also of non-dogmatic scriptural relevance. He wrote the scripts just tilted enough to…

Georges Bataille’s books.

William Burroughs-Junkie-Anal sex relating (in feeling) to the input or removal of a cork.

Alphonso Lingis’ books.

Monique Wittig’s books.

Julian Brolaski-Advice for Lovers-Cavalcade of hints.

Eileen Myles-Cool for you, Chelsea Girls.

He do the Gay Man in Different Voices-Stephen Mills-The various eroses of recollection, because recollection always occurs within the body.

Amy King’s books.

Hybrard’s-The Dead Girl in a Lace Dress.

Brenda Iijima’s books.

Julia Kristeva’s-Black Sun.

Kevin Killian’s books.

Marcel Duchamp’s.

Francesca Lia Block-Dangerous Angels.

Akilah Oliver’s books.

CA Conrad- A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon-A proposal of psychic rhythm. Of enlightenment incrementally, by awkward or strange actions.

Marthe Reed-Gaze-A woman is not necessarily a femme. Chewing the crimson petal.

Margaret Atwood-Oryx and Crake-Read this with my sweetheart aloud.

Hejinian’s-My Life-Destabilization at the same time as deifying (but without either as intent).

Kate Chopin’s.

Leslie Scalapino’s.

Elizabeth Robinson-Massaging (as with bread) the fine line between religious inclusion and dogma. Doing so in ways that allow lyricism to speak. Brilliant and energetic use of line breaks. Line breaks relate to sound. So, percussive?

Li-Young Lee-Rose.

Virginia Woolf’s-The Waves.

Sandra Sisneros’.

Gertrude Stein’s books.

Lispector’s-The Apple in the Dark, The Hour of the Star.

Mina Loy’s.

Adrienne Rich’s books-Not insular.

Helene Cixous’ books-White Ink. Regal and open. So, not inundated with regalia.

Djuna Barnes-I Could Never be Lonely Without a Husband.

Simone de Beauvoir’s.

H.D.-End to Torment, The Gift.

Tristan Tzara’s.

Anna Joy Springer’s-The Viscous Red Relic Love-A lovely modern conglomerate.

Lonely Christopher-The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse.

Karen Finley’s-A Different Kind of Intimacy.

Laynie Brown’s-Acts of Levitation-Spinning dynamism.

Editor’s Note: This list is part of Big Other’s Tribute to William H. Gass’s 88th Birthday.

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