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Janey Smith’s “Literary Pillars”

1. AA Bronson, File Magazine, Queer Zines (with Phillip Aarons).
2. Adam Parfrey, Apocalypse Culture, The Manson File.
3. Alfred Jarry, Adventures in ‘Pataphysics: Collected Works 1
4. Andy Warhol, The Andy Warhol Diaries.
5. Bob Flanagan, Slave Sonnets, Fuck Journal.
6. Brandon Stosuy, Up Is Up, But So Is Down: New York’s Downtown Literary Scene, 1974-1992 (with Dennis Cooper & Eileen Myles).
7. Burgo Partridge, A History of Orgies.
8. Cookie Mueller, Ask Dr. Mueller: The Writings of Cookie Mueller.
9. Dennis Cooper, Little Caesar series, the George Miles Cycle.

10. Diter Rot, 246 Little Clouds.
11. Dominique Laporte, History of Shit.
12. Eileen Myles, Cool For You, Not Me, The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art.
13. Garth Williams, Baby Farm Animals.
14. Georges Bataille, Story of the Eye, Blue of Noon, The Accursed Share, Vol.1, Visions of Excess: Selected Writings, 1927-1939
15. Greil Marcus, Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century.
16. Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle.
17. Harriet Ann Watts, Three Painter Poets: Arp, Schwitters, Klee.
18. Harry Matthews & Alastair Brotchie, Oulipo Compendium.
19. Jacques Derrida, Futures: Of Jacques Derrida.
20. Jaycee Dugard, A Stolen Life: A Memoir.
21. Jean Cocteau, My Contemporaries.
22. John Riddle, Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance.
23. John Marr, Murder Can Be Fun #13 – Death at Disneyland
24. Kathy Acker, Great Expectations, Blood & Guts in High School, Don Quixote, Hannibal Lecter, My Father.
25. Kenneth Koch, Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?: Teaching Great Poetry to Children.
26. Mark Ryden & Marion Peck, Sweet Wishes.
27. Marquis De Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings.
28. Mike Echols, I Know My First Name Is Steven.
29. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology.
30. Paul Virilio, Pure War, Speed and Politics, Popular Defense and Ecological Disasters.
31. Peter Kurten, Peter Kurten: A Study in Sadism (George Godwin), The Sadist (Karl Berg), The Monster of Dusseldorf: The Life and Trial of Peter Kurten (Margaret Seaton Wagner).
32. Peter Sotos, Pure.
33. Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Servant.
34. Ray Johnson: The Paper Snake, How Sad I Am Today.
35. Ron Jacobs, The Way The Wind Blew.
36. Samuel R. Delany, Hogg.
37. Scott O’Hara, Exit the Rubberman.
38. Sebastian Horsley, Dandy in the Underworld: An Unauthorized Autobiography.
39. Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree, The Missing Piece.
40. Stewart Home, Assault on Culture: Utopian Currents from Lettrisme to Class War.
41. Stewart Swezey, Amok Journal Sensuround Edition.
42. Tom Comitta, O, The City of Nature, soUNDtext User’s Manual.
43. Tony Duvert, Strange Landscape.
44. Trevor Brown, My Alphabet.
45. V. Vale & Andrea Juno, Research RE # 4/5, RE # 6/7.
46. Valerie Solanas, SCUM Manifesto.
47. William J. Higginson, The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Teach, and Appreciate Haiku.
48. William S. Burroughs, Exterminator!, The Job, The Wild Boys.
49. Yoko Ono, Grapefruit.
50. Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers, Overcoming the Problematics of Art: The Complete Writings of Yves Klein.

Editor’s Note: This list is part of Big Other’s Tribute to William H. Gass’s 88th Birthday.

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