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The Overlook Hotel – the best resource for The Shining

This is how they did it.

The Overlook Hotel is simply the best site about The Shining on the internet. There are dozens of never before seen photos from the making of the film (including how Nicholson was propped up frozen in the snow at the end), new posters, artwork, tattoos, copies of screenplays, anything you can think of. Lee Unkrich is the caretaker of the site and I salute him.

Just in case you need more ephemera on The Shining here is that little article On Newfound Footage.

5 thoughts on “The Overlook Hotel – the best resource for The Shining

  1. Ooh, loads of things to enjoy on that sight, will be scrolling through it for a while. Thanks for bringing it to attention!

    I especially like Kubrick’s quote from Lovecraft about ‘never explaining’ as long as it’s scary. It’s currently on the second page of the Overlook site. Also had no idea there was that much Shining artwork out there, it’s very impressive!

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