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I Shot the Moon, Calamari Press, 31 / 41, 3RD BED [6]

Click through to read the full review of 3RD BED [6], the thirty-first in this full-press review of Calamari books.

3RD BED [6] Contributors:

Lara Glenum, Ben Miller, Mark Laliberte, Lucy Ives, Stacey Levine, Marc Palm, Geoff Bouvier, Lisa Jarnot, Steve Potter, Kate Bernheimer, Billy X. O’Brien & Ronald Palmer, Brian Evenson, George Lichtenberg (Translation by Sam Stark), Osip Mandelshtam (Translation by Kevin Kinsella), Greg Bachar, Anthony Hawley, Amina Cain, Laura Sims, Ed Skoog, Thomas V. Davis, James Wagner, Catherine Kasper, David Ohle, Noah E. Gordon, W. B. Keckler, Jeffrey M. Bockman

Just as with my review of 3RD BED [5], I start this one by saying how beautiful 3RD BED [6] is, how nice it feels to hold, and how well-designed and artfully wrought the content is. Also, as with 3RD BED [5], I want to mention the extremely close aesthetic relationship to our still wonderfully kicking Caketrain – more on that later though – for now, some highlights of 3RD BED [6]:

from Stacey Levine’s ‘Pat Smash’:

As a youth, Pat played a game that often made him tingle. He held a short male doll before him, wondering who—he or the doll—would be killed first. He waited. From the porch he saw the heavy car which bore his father home. He ran to his room, always the same, the world around him fresh as a bare red embryo before the moment it was gashed.

from Brian Evenson’s ‘House Rules’:

The first of the house rules, the only one Horst ever manages to recall, is No leaving the house. He only remembers because it is posted on both front door and back. Though he can no longer read, that portion of his brain concerned with reading having been compromised (Hatcher’s language), Horst recognizes the signs. Rarely, however, does their significance strike him until after he has tried the handle of the door in question, found it locked.

from David Ohle’s ‘Ratt’:

While his mother returned to her estate, Moldenke took a sooty-ceilinged, three-walled room at the old Adolphus, furnished only with a pull-down bed, a wicker chair, a table, a radio, and a fusel oiled lamp that puttered and smoked.

Lying in the pull-down his first night, he listened to Radio Ratt, determined to stay abreast of all the changing statutes and avoid any further tangles with the law.

These are all I’ll quote from here, but 3RD BED [6] also includes a story from Kate Bernheimer, work from Lara Glenum, an ad for Gary Lutz’s Stories in the Worst Way, two awesome comics, art + text, formal and experimental poetry, flash fiction, and standard-sized short stories. And what is amazing about all of this content, apart from it being truly admirable writing, is that even with this variety, 3RD BED [6] doesn’t feel scattered for one single moment. Somehow, all of it works together to create a volume of literature that is mesmerizing and grand.

And this brings me back to Caketrain. Remember how when they sold out of their print runs of early annual volumes they offered them up as issuu or pdf on their site for free, so that people could keep reading their words? This is what I want from Derek White at Calamari Press and Vincent Standley of 3rd Bed. Can’t the same rule apply to what is left of these 3rd Bed’s issues? If we promised to keep buying copies until they are sold out, could one or both of these fantastic gents get the sold out issues up online for free? This is now my mission for the 3rd Bed portion of this full-press review, because these volumes are something to behold, and we should all be holding them in one form or another.

So while we are fingers-crossed that Mr. White might make us a deal, as a show of good faith, maybe one or two of you could hop over and get a copy of 3RD BED [6] here? It is worth the coin.


Are you guys watching Bored to Death? Love that Zach G.

4 thoughts on “I Shot the Moon, Calamari Press, 31 / 41, 3RD BED [6]

  1. Thanks J.A., we’re trying to get them as PDF. Matter of fact, just last night I was sent issue #4 as a PDF, but the rest Vincent is not able to locate (except as HTML, which at a brief glance seems like a lot of work to wire it all together in a presentable manner, but maybe i’ll try)– the computer or external hard drive the PDFs were on went tits up & is in the hands of some incompetent rednecks in West Virginia. If there’s any post-mortem hard-drive forensic specialists out there near WV, give us a shout.

    1. Beautiful! Thanks so much to you and Vincent for sharing this out with the world in a new e-form! Everyone should be reading more 3rd Bed, defunct or not, and this gets it done. Awesome,

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