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Eff Why Aye


1. Rose Metal Press’s Sixth Annual Short Short Competition is now open for submissions. The deadline is December 1st. This year’s judge is the excellent Randall Brown. Things turned out pretty good for me the year I entered the competition. I’d LOVE for you to join me. Submit.

2. This year’s Queer issue of [PANK] is up now, and available for your reading pleasure/discomfort/confusion/unidentifiable affective experience. I really want as many folks as possible to encounter these amazing texts, SO… I will send a copy of one of my favorite queer texts to the first five people who blog, tweet, etc. about the issue, then let me know in this comment thread. And if you engage with one of the issue’s text(s) in some deeper way (ie a review, analysis, etc.), I will think up something extra special to thank you.

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