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What, Robert Breer died? Internet, you’re supposed to tell me these things!

This is what I get for no longer following the FRAMEWORKS mailing list. Robert Breer was never a household name, but he was an awesome animator and underground experimental filmmaker whose work I always enjoyed. His short film “Swiss Army Knight with Rats and Pigeons” (1980) deserves to be regarded as a classic for its name alone:

More of his work after the jump.

“Recreation” (1956)

“Eyewash” (1959)

“Blazes” (1961)

“69” (1968)

“70” (1970)

For that one, you’ll have to click here.

My favorite of his films, “Fuji” (1974), doesn’t appear to be online, alas.

Anyway. Godspeed, Mr. Breer.


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6 thoughts on “What, Robert Breer died? Internet, you’re supposed to tell me these things!

  1. Thanks for this, Adam. Had never heard of Breer before today. He was certainly influential though. I’ve seen some animated short films by Don Hertzfeldt that feel, in part, inspired by Breer. Of course, Hertzfeldt is far more linear and representational in his cinema than Breer. I forwarded this to a couple of artist friends in case they too had never seen Breer’s short films.

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