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Pledge and Help Patasola Press Continue to Do Great Things!

Patasola Press is a new indie press in Brooklyn, New York. They just published the wonderful “The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals” by Rae Bryant, are going to be publishing a Spanish-English poetry translation book by Mimi Ferebee and a collection by J.A. Tyler, as well as an anthology of female writers across the East Coast.

Here’s why it’s worth your time (and $$$) to hand over some cash to their Kickstarter project:

Founded in January 2011, we aim to promote emerging and established poets and writers. Our primary goal is to represent writers from underrepresented groups, with a special focus on promoting female and ethnic voices.  We need your help to get the right start!…

We need donations to help with our cover and interior design and to help with publicity. We’re asking for $1,500 — half would be used for promotional reasons: sending galleys to reviewers and paying for advertisements. Half would be used to contract talented cover designers. We don’t want to make just any book. We want ours to be spectacular.

This money is important in a lot of ways. We’re new, and we are funded out-of-pocket. We’d love to establish a safe financial ground through generous donors in order to build from the bottom up.

We know a lot of people ask for donations. We know there’s a lot to consider out there. There are a lot of really great organizations and presses, too. What we’re doing is something special: we’re promising to bring you really great new voices. We don’t want to promote the same names over and over again. We’re not looking to be a part of any trend. We will be publishing new writers and poets, females, underrepresented and multicultural writers. We want to make sure we’re making beautiful and important books, and we want to make sure we’re providing a great publishing experience for our authors.

Please help!

  • Amber Sparks's work has been featured or is forthcoming in various places, including New York Tyrant, Unsaid, Gargoyle, Annalemma and PANK. She is also the fiction editor at Emprise Review, and lives in Washington, DC with a husband and two beasts.

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