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Pre-Order Roxane Gay’s Debut Collection, Ayiti, Today Today Today, Now Now Now

I suspect many of you are just as excited about this one as I am. Roxane Gay is one of my favorite writers and her debut collection, featuring nonfiction, fiction, and poetry about the Haitian diaspora experience, is going to be amazing. I know it.

So I can say without reservation that you should really, really pre-order this book, coming out later this year from Artistically Declined Press, now now now. Because you don’t want to wait a second longer than you have to, to hold this book in your own hands.

(Also, isn’t this book beautiful?)


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5 thoughts on “Pre-Order Roxane Gay’s Debut Collection, Ayiti, Today Today Today, Now Now Now

  1. Thanks for posting about this Amber. I just finished Ayiti and people should absolutely read this book. I’ll save my comments on it for the review + interview that will post at the Monkeybicycle blog on the book’s release, but it is a really interesting and unexpected collection. Thanks to Ryan Bradley for putting this book out – it is one that needed to be published.

    1. Ooh, can’t wait to read your review. I am really excited that this exists, for many reasons–not least that I can talk it up to all my non-reading friends who are all about helping in Haiti and might actually read something literary if it pertains to Haiti in some way. And I hope they do, so they can learn that there’s a lot more to Haiti and the Haitian people than just crushing poverty and natural disasters.

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