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Art vs. Philosophy: An Antinomy

A: Art’s better than philosophy. For art comes in the nick of time while philosophy comes a moment too late.

B: Philosophy’s better than art. For while art raises life up for a moment, philosophy raises it up for eternity.

5 thoughts on “Art vs. Philosophy: An Antinomy

  1. I’d take either over science: that which comes a moment too late only to last a moment itself.

    I cannot substantiate this claim empirically.

    1. A literary sketch of my emoticon in response to your comment (composed on 2 May 2011 atop a knock-off Ikea chair): moderate jolt upward, slightly upturned lips, tightening around the eyes, lightness at the brow, levity of spirit.

      There’s no place like–

      1. :-D

        ^ Sigh. Just doesn’t do my own jolting, upturning and tightening justice.

        And the colon’s located a lot lower than the eyes, or so I thought.

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