19 thoughts on “BSFA Non Fiction Award

  1. Hearty congrats, Paul — I mean that — but I’m also left mumbling & puzzled. Could we have a link or something? “BFSA?”

    Will Prosecco do? Italian champagne?

  2. Many thanks, everyone. In the acceptance speech that Kev McVeigh read out for me, I made a point of thanking John and everyone else here at Big Other. Thank you for giving me a place to write these things. It has been a liberating and stimulating experience being part of this blog, and long may it remain so. At least we can put ‘Award Winning’ on the blog, and mean it.

    I think I’ve started to accept the reality of winning, but it is a strange feeling, because everything has changed and nothing has changed. I woke up this morning with a slight headache (now where did that come from?), went out and did a bit of digging at the allotment (‘cos I know how to have fun), and when I’ve finished here I’ll be spending the rest of the morning painting a window frame (ditto). Award-winning digger? Award-winning painter and decorator? Nah, doesn’t work. But at least this might prompt me to get over my block and do a little more writing.

    • Thanks for the mentioning us, Paul! And, once again, congratulations to you! Enjoy this massive wave you’re on! And may more positive statements ending with exclamation points punctuate your days.

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