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BSFA Non Fiction Award

Apparently, I won.

I’m not sure I believe this, but … where is that champagne.

19 thoughts on “BSFA Non Fiction Award

  1. Hooray! Congratulations, Paul!

    I, for one, believe it, even without seeing the results.

    Here’s me raising a glass of the bubbly stuff to you.

  2. Hearty congrats, Paul — I mean that — but I’m also left mumbling & puzzled. Could we have a link or something? “BFSA?”

    Will Prosecco do? Italian champagne?

    1. Hey, John.

      Paul was nominated, and has now won, an award for best nonfiction for 2010 by the British Science Fiction Association, for his “Blogging the Hugos: Decline” (I believe it was for the whole series), that he published here on Big Other:

      It looks like they haven’t made an online announcement, yet:

      Here’s a list of the finalists in all the categories:

        1. Well, John, of course you have such a swingin’ New York lifestyle.

          Thanks for all the clarifications, & that goes for Paul as well. Hats off — & bottoms up — again.

    2. John, BSFA is the British Science Fiction Association. The awards are the oldest sf awards in the UK, and are voted on by members of the Association, and by attendees at the Easter SF Convention. I’ve been shortlisted for the award three times before, this is the first time I’ve won.

      And anything alcoholic will do. For me it’s a glass of Australian blanc de blanc.

  3. Many thanks, everyone. In the acceptance speech that Kev McVeigh read out for me, I made a point of thanking John and everyone else here at Big Other. Thank you for giving me a place to write these things. It has been a liberating and stimulating experience being part of this blog, and long may it remain so. At least we can put ‘Award Winning’ on the blog, and mean it.

    I think I’ve started to accept the reality of winning, but it is a strange feeling, because everything has changed and nothing has changed. I woke up this morning with a slight headache (now where did that come from?), went out and did a bit of digging at the allotment (‘cos I know how to have fun), and when I’ve finished here I’ll be spending the rest of the morning painting a window frame (ditto). Award-winning digger? Award-winning painter and decorator? Nah, doesn’t work. But at least this might prompt me to get over my block and do a little more writing.

    1. Thanks for the mentioning us, Paul! And, once again, congratulations to you! Enjoy this massive wave you’re on! And may more positive statements ending with exclamation points punctuate your days.

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