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Between Page and Screen

Wowsers and sainted oily fish, this project fills me with excitement:

A digitally-augmented chapbook, printed with barcode-like images readable by a computer’s camera that trigger text animations on the screen. I want one! I would love to see this in novels and textbooks, too: extra info or supporting bits of narrative available when you scan your book. I do think it’s an odd interaction to read an entire book in front of your laptop, as if you’re reading to a child, but really just reading to your (computer) self.

Although I’ve only seen the preview video, I can’t help but wince a bit at some of the text animations, which seem more driven by what the code can perform than what is right for the text. Just a hunch. Could be wrong. On their website you can also download a page of the chapbook and test it for yourself.

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