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J.A. Tyler’s letting it ride

J.A. Tyler’s second novel was just published by Fugue State. And he’s making you, the reader, a deal. Read his book. If you don’t like it, send it back and he’ll write you a new one. (I wouldn’t trust this offer from anyone, but J.A. doesn’t require sleep, so I completely believe he’s good for it.)

Here’s the deal from JA:
“If you don’t like my book I’ll write you another book on the inside of that book. Order it, read it. If you don’t like it, ship it back to me & I’ll write a new book for you on the inside of that book. Yes. This is how much I believe in these words.” A MAN OF GLASS & ALL THE WAYS WE HAVE FAILED.

If you don’t like the second book he gives you, then you’re S.O.L.

3 thoughts on “J.A. Tyler’s letting it ride

  1. He’ll probably just reverse all the words, though, the sneaky devil…

    J. A., will you make me the main character in the second book? Kinda like those G.I Joe offers where they’d send you a figure with a file card with your name on it?


  2. Yes A D, you will play the main character in your new book if you order GLASS and don’t like it enough to send it my way and ask for a rewrite.

    Or if buy GLASS and like it you can still send it my way and when I’ll write a story in the open space on the last page with you as a G.I. Joe.

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