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I am now the nonfiction and reviews editor at the online journal Requited.

Artwork by Rosemary Horn.

What the title says. (You’ll find Requited here.) Anyone interested in submitting essays, books for consideration, or reviews is invited to email me. (My email address is scattered about this site; you can also find me on Facebook.)

A few guiding notes:

  1. Nonfiction: I’m looking primarily for creative, daring, compelling stuff. The more out of step it is with the dominant culture, the more interested I’ll probably be. (Work that’s genuinely critical of something everyone else likes or takes for granted always catches my attention.) Along those lines, I’m less enamored with Theory/New Narrative/Avant-Pop pieces than many others are…but I’m willing to consider anything.
  2. Reviews: I’ll be happy to run reviews of older books because I think it’s silly to limit reviews to only work from the past two years. Preference will be given to books/authors who have received less attention/hype than others, although ultimately my goal is to help guide readers to excellent contemporary writing (of any type).
  3. Overall: Requited does a good job, I’d argue, of being an online journal. Submissions that take advantage of such onlinedness will be especially welcome.
  4. Also, I intend to be extremely fussy and perhaps even unfairly irrational about what I accept.

Thank you for your interest!

  • A. D. Jameson is the author of five books, most recently I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING: STAR WARS AND THE TRIUMPH OF GEEK CULTURE and CINEMAPS: AN ATLAS OF 35 GREAT MOVIES (with artist Andrew DeGraff). Last May, he received his Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the Program for Writers at UIC.

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