Two New Videos I’m Obsessed With that Are Influenced by Late 80’s-early 90’s House Music

I am loving this trend. When/if I ever make a video for my song SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR IN THE 1990s, I want it to look and sound something like these. 

Hercules and Love Affair’s MY HOUSE sounds like classic Chicago House from the mid to late 80’s, and the video is brilliantly patterned after a back-in-the-day late-night house dance show broadcast on a local network, commercials and all:

Beth Ditto’s I WROTE THE BOOK is more in the vein of the diva house and house-influenced pop music of the early 90’s. Most of the bloggers are naming Madonna’s JUSTIFY MY LOVE and VOGUE as obvious reference points for the video, but I’m also hearing a little bit of Black Box in the music.


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