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What are the AWP haps?

I want to compile a list of the AWP goodies & events our readers can look for.

I will kick it off by mentioning that the PANK / Annalemma / Mud Luscious Press  off-site reading will be 2.3 @ 7 pm & features readings by Molly Gaudry, Amber Sparks, Sasha Fletcher, Matt Bell, Mathias Svalina, & others. & at the Mud Luscious Press table (shared with our Dzanc friends) we are giving away 5 signed copies of Andrew Borgstrom’s new Greying Ghost chapbook & 5 super-signed editions of FIRST YEAR, autographed at AWP by Michael Kimball, Michael Martone, Brian Evenson, Kim Chinquee, Kevin Wilson, Jac Jemc, & a host of others.

But MLP is only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what is going on at AWP.

How about: 

2.3: FC2 reading with Kate Bernheimer, Amelia Gray, Lance Olsen, & others

2.3: The Literati Gong Show with FlatmanCrooked, Dzanc, Featherproof, Hobart & Barrelhouse

2.4: Post Road / Redivider party (they promise: absolutely NO readings)

2.4: Atticus Books happy-hour reading with Steve Himmer & others

2.4: Vermin on the Mount, sponsored by Annalemma, with Roy Kesey, Kim Chinquee, & others

All the details on these (& many other off-site events) are listed here, thanks to the AWP organizers, but what else is there? Freebies? Giveaways? People to meet or sign or hear read?

14 thoughts on “What are the AWP haps?

  1. Thursday, February 3, 2011

    “Tearing Down the Town/Gown Divide: Taking Writing Off Campus and into the Community”

    from 9.00 am to 10.15 am
    On the Mezzanine Level, Marriott
    Scheduled Room: Coolidge

    —M.L. Liebler, Poet and Performer, Wayne State Univ., Detroit, MI
    —John Domini, Novelist and Poet, Des Moines, IA
    —April Heck, Events Coordinator, New York Univ. Creative Writing Program, New York, NY
    —Gary Glazner, Poet and Performer, Brooklyn, NY
    —Tim W. Brown, Moderator, Novelist and Critic, Bronx, NY

  2. Thanks for your interest, J.A.! One More:

    Friday, February 4, 2011
    Gival Press Authors Reading
    at The Dupont Hotel Bar in Dupont Circle

    The following will be reading:

    – John Domini (A Tomb on the Periphery and BIG OTHER CONTRIBUTOR)
    – Tim W. Brown (Second Acts)
    – Cecilia Martínez-Gil (Psaltery and Serpentines)
    – Rich Murphy (Voyeur)
    – Lowell Mick White (That Demon Life)
    – David Winner (The Cannibal of Guadalajara)
    – Vladimir Levchev (Refugee — forthcoming)
    – Barbara Louise Ungar (Origin of the Milky Way)
    – Robert L. Giron (Poetic Voices Without Borders 2)
    – M. L. Liebler (Wide Awake in Someone Else’s Dream — SPECIAL GUEST)

    at 8 to 10 PM
    Free & open to the public
    Cash bar (pay as you go)


    The Dupont Hotel Bar
    1500 New Hampshire Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20036

  3. I did a little write up on my picks at http://pinklineproject.com/article/writers-and-poets-descend-washington-weekend

    Also, be sure to check out the Table X reading on Friday night. Readers include (in order of appearance) Maureen Thorson, Julian T. Brolaski, Elisa Gabbert, Joe Hall, Adam Robinson, Farid Matuk, Mina Pam Dick, Mike Young, Heather Christle, Ben Mirov, Christie Ann Reynolds, Sasha Fletcher, Lily Ladewig, Andrew Gorin, Joseph Calavenna, Ben Pease, Levi Rubeck, Mathias Svalina, Lily Hoang, Anna Joy Springer, Davis Schneiderman, Matthew Timmons, John Dermot Woods, Dan Beachy-Quick, Paige Taggart, Justin Marks, Brandon Downing, Harold Abramowitz, Amina Cain, Teresa Carmody, Jen Hofer, Paul Hoover, Alta Ifland, Vanessa Place, Christine Wertheim, Zachary Schomburg, Emily Kendal Frey, Joshua Ware, John Chavez, Vyt Bakaitis, Joe Elliot, Jeffrey Jullich, Matthew Cooperman, Garth Graeper, Mary Hickman, Nathan Hauke, and Kirsten Jorgenson.

    Details at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=142823315772252

  4. Me too at the the Pank/Annalemma MLP event.

    Normally I would not care, but I kinda want people to know since it’s a post on the blog where I’m a contributor.

    To be clear, this comment is abt wanting BO readers to know, not being upset I’m an “and others.” I have no problem being an “and others.”

    1. Yes Tim. Thanks for mentioning. Your reading at last year’s off-site with Pank was great (shoulder pads, silver shorts, etc.), something not to be missed,

  5. happening at the same time as the MLP shindig is the DOGZPLOT/WIGLEAF/JMWW/SENTENTIA reading. At the Wonder Ballroom

    and for another self-involved plug, I’ll be reading at the Atticus Books Happy Hour.

  6. Seems like I should second Tim Brown’s suggestions, above.

    It would matter to me to see folks at the panel on “tearing down town/gown,” especially considering it’s so early Thursday AM. As for the Gival Press reading, yes, Friday night at Hotel Dupont. Do come if you can.

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