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Reminder: Reading of C is Underway!

Hey, y’all.  I’m about halfway through C by Tom McCarthy, our January book club selection, if you don’t recall.  You still have two weeks to join the discussion.  I’m going to kick things off with some ideas of who I’d cast in the movie version of this book.  I bet there will be a movie version – it’s that kind of thing.  To make it fun, let’s cast it with actors as they existed in 1970.  For no real reason – the book doesn’t take place in the 70s.  I just think it makes it a little more of a challenge.

I like to wait to read reviews until after I’ve finished the book, personally, but I know some people like to use those in their decision as to whether they’d like to read a book, so I’ll post a few links on the bottom of this post to entice you as well.

Now, Serge exists at many ages in the text, but I’m only going to cast  adult Serge. Surely the studio can find some precocious child actor from the 70s to play Serge as a timid youngster.  So adult Serge, as he exists while visiting the Klodebrady and serving in the war will be: Bud Cort!

Circa Harold and Maude & Brewster McCloud

Who shall we cast as his sister, the troubled and brilliant Sophie? How about Thieves Like Us era Shelley Duvall?


I’d just love to see her play super-intelligent and we know she does ‘troubled’ so well!

Now for Mr. Carrefax – their father who runs the School for the Deaf: Red Buttons from the era of The Poseidon Adventure, but less goofy, obviously.


What a charmer!

Who would play Mrs. Carrefax, the silk weaver?  Well, the numbers are a hair off, but if Shelley Duvall and Bud Cort are supposed to pass as sister and brother, and we know Red Buttons is their father, who could be their mother?  Karen Black is the only answer.


With a little bit of age make-up it could work!

Then there are the love interests:

First, Lucia, the anemic companion at Klodebrady, who’s nice and all, but just not all that appealing to Serge: young Candice Bergen!

A delight, but not so enticing for our protagonist.

Then Tania, the masseuse with polio who Serge takes a liking to.  I think his infatuation has to do with him touching his body every day and the fact that she smells like sulfur, which reminds him of his sister.  So what actress reminds me vaguely of Shelley Duvall? Carol Kane!

She's got the big eyes and the weird voice!

I could cast others, but perhaps i’ll expand on my casting in future posts.

Now, on to the reviews:

The Washington Post

The Guardian


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