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Thanks to a Boing Boing blog post shared by Matt Bell in Google Reader, I’ve just discovered KRAMPUS, the mythological creature who accompanies St. Nicholas in Alpine countries and punishes poorly-behaved children. Wikipedia doesn’t specify the punishment. Does he eat them? How did I not know about this? PEOPLE, THIS IS A REAL THING, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY NEVER USED THIS SHIT ON BUFFY.

See more Krampus photos here.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer: NIGHTMARE DEMON CREATURES

  1. This seems to be the year of Krampus. He’s everywhere I look this Christmas.

    I effing love Krampus, and I effing love saying his name with a German accent. It sounds like this: KRAMPUS.

    And now, back to family things.

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