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A Reading … with Food

James Yeh, the hungry genius behind Gigantic, put these two ideas together. I don’t know why this doesn’t happen more often. Gigantic will be sponsoring one Brooklyn leg of this weekend’s nationwide Indie Lit Roadshow (check that link for all of the other cool stuff happening). I’ll be reading along with John Haskell and Anelise Chen, and cheap tacos will be served (beside cheap drinks). Black bean tacos from Bouwerie (James vouches for them). It happens Friday – taco start at 6, words at 7:30. Info after the jump:

EATINGS AND READINGS: A Gigantic Taco Happening and Short Prose Party

Join us for a night of causal supper and short prose featuring local black bean tacos from Bouwerie and short readings from Gigantic contributors John Haskell (author of Out of My Skin), Anelise Chen, and John Dermot Woods. Celebrate with $2 tacos and cheap drinks; proceeds help support Gigantic #3.
Tacos start at 6pm. Readings at 7:30pm. Dance party after.

Darling House
496 Broadway (at Union Ave.)

Third Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Train options
G to Broadway
or J, M to Hewes

or L to Lorimer (then 8 min walk south on Union)

RSVP at giganticmag@gmail.com.

John Haskell is the author of a short-story collection, I Am Not Jackson Pollock (FSG, 2003) and the novels, American Purgatorio (FSG, 2005) and Out of My Skin (FSG, 2009). His stories and essays have appeared on the radio (The Next Big Thing, Studio 360), in books (The Show You’ll Never Forget, Heavy Rotation, All the More Real), and in magazines (A Public Space, n+1, Conjunctions, and McSweeney’s). He was awarded a 2009 Guggenheim award, and has taught writing and literature at Columbia, Cal Arts, and the University of Leipzig.
Anelise Chen‘s fiction, poetry, and video art has appeared or is forthcoming in Gigantic, New Haven Review, Try! and elsewhere. Her non-fiction has appeared in The Rumpus and PEN America. She is one of the founders of Hydra, a collective of writers dedicated to the eccentric and conspiratorial.

John Dermot Woods
writes, draws, and teaches in Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of the The Complete, Collection of people, places & things (BlazeVOX), edits the arts quarterly Action,Yes and organizes the online reading series Apostrophe Cast.

This event is a part of The Indie Lit Roadshow, a cross-country celebration of the best in independent literature. The Indie Lit Roadshow represents a coming-together of some of the most innovative book lovers around: independent bookstores, presses, journals, magazines, reading series and pop-up bookshops.  We’ve packed the weekend of Dec 10-12th full of events, each rooted in the home-grown literary scenes blossoming in the following cities:

Austin, TX (N.A.R.W.A.L.L.); Baltimore, MA (Monumental Genius); Baton Rouge, LA (River Writers);
Brooklyn, NY (Gigantic); Brooklyn, NY (Birdsong); Chicago, IL (Featherproof); Lawrence, KS (Beecher’s Magazine); Hadley, MA (Flying Object); Portland, OR (Redefine Magazine); Seattle, WA (Pilot Books).


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  1. Robbie Q. Telfer brought cupcakes to the first Super R-Type last month, and it made the event that much more wonderful. I’m planning to bake a couple of apple pies for this week’s event. So if you’re in Chicago…

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