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this is sold out, but maybe you can get a digital revolution

I wanted to promote xTx’s debut chapbook He is Talking to the Fat Lady, but this slick little sucker sold out in 2 days flat. Congrats to xTx & Safety Third Enterprises for such a speedy sell. I read this last night & rolled in its gristly & surprising moves, words like “You are big. Very big. So big with your girth. Your infinite waistline. Your head that hits the sky. I cannot comprehend you as a whole, just pieces: fingers, knee, shirt sleeve. I am tiny. Very tiny. So tiny with my shortness. My baby legs. My head skimming undersides of coffee tables. You could put me into your mouth and I could live there.” Right. Like that. Nice. Maybe shoot Safety Third Enterprises an e-shout for a digital second-coming of this, I think they’d hear your collective voices.

6 thoughts on “this is sold out, but maybe you can get a digital revolution

  1. I needed to own this but I failed – miserably. I am a failure and my existence is empty without it.

    I should have pre-ordered.

    J. A. Tyler, you should treasure what you have – nurse it like a broken arm. Keep it in a safe. Talk to it like a scratch-n-sniff sticker.

    xTx is a palindromic genius.

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