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Robert Lopez poem on Frost and Stevens


Waiting For the Day’s Mail



Waiting for the day’s mail

I occupy myself with minutia


My desk is impossibly cluttered

And I’ve been meaning to replace the lock

On the downstairs bathroom

Which has been broken for I don’t know how long now


The trouble is I’m no good with my hands

And replacing the lock is more difficult than it sounds


So I tackle the desk instead


Staplers, envelopes, keys,

Stamps, notebooks, brochure for a Bed & Breakfast in Cape May,

A calendar,

Receipts, bills, loose papers,

Rubber bands and four or five pens

Litter this desk


I put some of these things in the two drawers and otherwise reshuffle the deck


On its surface


This is unskilled labor


But there is something satisfying about the doing

And once completed

The having done


All of which brings Stevens and Frost to mind

How each dismissed the other’s work saying

Frost wrote about things

And Stevens bric-a-brac


The two brilliant doddering fools

They were both frightened of shadows


Surely as young men they interviewed God while walking through New England

And God answered each question with

A bird, a tree, a river

A pigeon-toed woman dancing barefoot

Her skirts purple, lavender, and gold


On the way home

Certainly the both of them knew better


Robert Lopez is the author of two novels, Part of the World and Kamby Bolongo Mean River, and a collection of short stories, Asunder, published this month by Dzanc Books.

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