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Firewheel/Sentence Deadline: November 17, 2010

Full details HERE.


The Firewheel Chapbook Award

is given to a collection of no more than 20 manuscript pages in any genre. Preference is for innovative work (liberally interpreted), work that crosses genres, work that combines images and text, work in formats other than the traditionally bound book, or work that may have difficulty finding publication elsewhere due to the nature, typography, or format of the work. The recipient of the award will receive 50 copies out of a limited edition. Entry fee: $15 by check to Firewheel Editions or by PayPal.

Previous winners include Marjorie Tesser’s THE IMPORTANT THING IS, which is a card game that comes in a box with 11 pages/game cards.


The Sentence Book Award

will be given to a book-length manuscript of prose poems or a book-length manuscript consisting substantially of prose poems (for example, a book that is half prose poems and half free-verse, or a book-length sequence that mixes passages of prose poetry with other modes). The recipient of the award will receive publication in a trade paper edition with a standard royalty contract and 50 copies of the book. All entrants will receive Sentence #8 (entrants who are already subscribers will have their subscription extended by one issue). Entry fee: $25 by check to Firewheel Editions or by PayPal.

Previous winners include Catherine Sasanov’s Had Slaves: “Two words, stumbled across while going through family papers, upended everything poet Catherine Sasanov thought she knew about her Missouri ancestors. Using extensive research and imaginative speculation, Sasanov not only constructs fragments of what might have been the lives of the central figures in this tragic drama—the eleven men, women and children held in bondage by her great-great-great-grandfather and his family—but also offers a larger view of American slavery and the artifacts and attitudes that are its ongoing legacy.”

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