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Month of Gratitude: Thanks, Log Lady!

From Twin Peaks, Episode 10 (2003):

“Letters are symbols. They are building blocks of words which form our languages. Languages help us communicate. Even with complicated languages used by intelligent people, misunderstanding is a common occurrence.

We write things down sometimes–letters, words–hoping they will serve us and those with whom we wish to communicate. Letters and words, calling out for understanding.”

5 thoughts on “Month of Gratitude: Thanks, Log Lady!

  1. The log lady is a fine semiotician!

    Twin Peaks is awesome:

    there is a man in a smiling bag…without chemicals he points…the owls are not what they seem…

    1. Yes, she is, and yes it is. You know, I’m in the midst of rewatching the series, and I’m loving it, once again.

      And I just watched that episode with the three clues you mention above, the ones Agent Cooper received from the giant in his dream.

      Hey, you probably sent this from Rutgers, and it reminded me that about the Surrealism panel and the upcoming reading. Sorry I couldn’t/can’t make it. I hope recordings were/will be made and will be posted.

      1. I’m just watching it for the first time now. Apparently I’m about to hit the part of the second season that everyone says is terrible, but so far it’s been a blast.

  2. The panel was great — I’m in between events right now actually. It wasn’t recorded but I’m thinking I’m going to write an essay about neo-surrealism and try to capture the spirit of what was said and what these wonderful poets have written. Charles Borkhuis, another fine poet and theoretician of surrealism, was in the audience…also Joanna Fuhrman, who teaches at Rutgers as wekk (David Shapiro calls her an “infra-surrealist”)… I’m looking forward to the reading… I’ll definitely let you know if there’s a recording.

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