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Let’s Prove ‘Em Wrong Today. Let’s Vote.

Let’s make the mainstream media look like a bunch of idiots. Let’s close the enthusiasm gap today.

Don’t know where your polling place is? Click here, or if that doesn’t work for you, try this.

Problems voting? Call one of these hotlines:

1-866-MYVOTE1 (866-698-6831)
1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)
1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español)

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Prove ‘Em Wrong Today. Let’s Vote.

  1. I went to vote, and my polling place was closed. Why do they close so early? They were open from like 8am until 7pm, which is ridiculous on a Tuesday when people work—and in a city! I really wanted to vote for Jeremy Karpen for the House of Representatives…

      1. My roommate and I were surprised.

        I remember polls in PA staying open until 11pm…? And opening at 7am…? Maybe I’m confused. Or maybe Scranton’s more progressive than Chicago…?

          1. I remember volunteering for one presidential election where the polls stayed open until 11, because I was still knocking on doors and driving people to the pools until then. Although maybe it was 10…? But it was much, much later than 7pm.

          2. I see that, here in the Illinois Senate race, Mark Kirk (GOP) got 1,717,193 votes, while Alexi Giannoulias (Dem) got 1,638,323 votes. And LeAlan Jones (Grn) got 113,673 votes. Well, had I voted, LeAlan Jones would have gotten 113,674.

            I wonder how Jeremy Karpen did in his House race…

              1. Yup, totally depressing. All my friends and family in Madison are PISSED. But outside of Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin is really a red state.

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                1. That may be true, just like it may be true about PA (sans Philly and Pittsburgh and Scranton), and just as it may be true about the US as a whole (sans Chicago and the coasts), but nonetheless WI has had some of the most progressive legislators in the nation. It’s a shame to see any of them lose office.

                  1. Oh, for sure. It also especially hurts because when Wellstone (my personal hero) died, Feingold was really the last truly liberal Midwestern senator. Franken seems to be taking up the Wellstone mantle, which is good, but he’s still a newbie…

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