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You don’t need to like baseball…

in order to enjoy Fact-Simile’s fantastic line of poetry trading cards. They’re assembling a kind of all-star team of innovative poets and they’ve just released #9: Ron Silliman!

Only a paltry 99 cents (plus shipping)…or take advantage of the 2010 subscription for 10 dollars plus s/h.  Other writers from the series include Flarfist K. Silem Mohammad, the hard-hitting Linh Dinh, and the legendary “fast speaking woman” Anne Waldman.

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Michael Leong is the author of the poetry books e.s.p., Cutting Time with a Knife, Who Unfolded My Origami Brain?, and Words on Edge. His creative work has been anthologized in THE &NOW AWARDS 2: The Best Innovative Writing, Best American Experimental Writing 2018, and Bettering American Poetry, Volume 3. His co-translation, with Ignacio Infante, of Vicente Huidobro’s long poem Sky-Quake: Tremor of Heaven is forthcoming from co•im•press in late 2019. His critical monograph Contested Records: The Turn to Documents in Contemporary North American Poetry is forthcoming from the University of Iowa Press in May 2020. He has received grants from the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses and the National Endowment for the Arts. He teaches in the School of Critical Studies at CalArts.

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    Is there a collected videos of Anne Waldman?
    Shouldn’t there be?

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