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This is not a new journal but a revamped one, submit

Today, Matty Byloos introduced me to his newly revamped web-tastic journal (& much more) Smalldoggies.

From their manifesto:

“This is a home for writers and readers, a place to exchange ideas and to cultivate dialogue about whatever is going on in contemporary culture. Sometimes this is straightforward, sometimes that conversation will be jumpstarted through satire. If you feel that you want to join this conversation, consider starting with comments on posts you really respond to. Then consider submitting a review, or a feature article or interview.”

This is a site worth digging into with interviews already up from Black Coffee Press & Burrow Press & more on the horizon (including one with Adam Robinson at Publishing Genius) – they are also looking for fiction & poetry, so another great place to submit. Get a spoon & taste it.

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