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Would you read this?

(Wasted a little time yesterday by writing silly blurbs for the YA novel I want to write/am writing instead of actually writing it, although I did complete a 4,000 word draft of the first chapter, and jotted much of the dialogue for second chapter into notebook on bus this morning).

Ephraim Dotey, Goddess of Love

Ephraim Dotey is head-over-heels in love with a boy named Aidan — Or he used to be, anyway, before he realized love’s a sham. Now he’d be home free if he could just stop fantasizing about Aidan — even if most of those fantasies involve murdering him and his hot new boyfriend Perry. Then Ephraim receives a mysterious late-night visit from his favorite soap opera villainess, who informs him he’s possessed by the spirit of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love. Now, with his newfound powers and plot to get back at Aidan, Ephraim’s wreaking havoc on his friends, family and high school, and learning love, actual love, doesn’t look like anything he’d ever imagined. Boy Meets Boy meets Percy Jackson in this romantic comedy of Olympian proportions.

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