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Submissions Statistics: Word Riot & Mud Luscious Press

Jackie Corley posted the Word Riot submission stats for the month of June (thanks to Submishmash). Their acceptance rate for June 2010 was 3.8% & looked like this:

I love that Jackie is this open with her figures, & I would love to see more of this from as many journals as possible. So in the spirit of openness, the Mud Luscious Press acceptance rate for June 2010 was 0.7% & looked like this:

If anyone else is game for this transparency, either post your journal acceptance rate in the comments section or shoot your Submishmash June stats jpg to me here & I will update this posting.

Thanks Jackie for giving us the inside look. If you don’t patronize Word Riot, you should – they have just announced Paula Bomer’s story collection BABY here.

& if you don’t use Submishmash, you should – they can be found here.

10 thoughts on “Submissions Statistics: Word Riot & Mud Luscious Press

  1. Great idea, J.A. — it would be nice to have this kind of archive. And plus I find it pleasing to look at graphs in general.

    1. According to the submission guidelines:

      “Novular (6500 word limit) We will accept submissions of novel excerpts up to 6500 words in length. Please include a brief synopsis of your novel and a general overview of its theme. We will take into consideration the limitations imposed by submitting an excerpt best understood in the context of a novel. Additionally, selections from longer works such as screenplays and novellas may be considered under this category.”

  2. 135 declined and 1 accepted?

    So … at that rate, doesn’t it take a few years to put together an issue? (unless it was an exceptionally unfruitable month for acceptables…)

    1. June was a bit slower on the acceptances than say May, which had 6 acceptances out of 128 total (a 4.7% acceptance rate), but Mud Luscious Press online only publishes between 12-15 pieces every 3 months, so that is about right if we average the two months.

  3. We don’t use Submishmash for regular submissions so no pretty graphs, but i’ll share. PANK received 524 submissions in June. Forty-one were withdrawn. We accepted 19, for an acceptance rate of 3.63%. We don’t track submissions by genre so I don’t have a genre breakdown.

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