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Could somebody smarter than me…

…break down the historical, philosophical and analytic distinction(s) btwn the Judeo-Christian mind-body split and the Platonic distinction between spiritual and physical love?

Does the Judeo-Christian have any roots in the Platonic, or are they totally unrelated?

I want to write a young adult novel abt a Queer boy who realizes he’s a reincarnated Aphrodite. I want to position myself against the cult of true love, “soul mates” and teen celibacy. It will be like the anti-Stephanie Meyer.

5 thoughts on “Could somebody smarter than me…

  1. Interesting that you’d post this now, Tim. I’ve been researching the min/body split myself. Although I’ve been doing so mainly through Nietzsche’s Apollonian/Dionysian split, as laid out in The Birth of Tragedy.

    Note that I’m not answering your question. Partly because I’m on my way to the beach. (Gotta let the Dionysian take precedence sometime!)

    But let’s talk about it…

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