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Big Other Contributors’ News, #22

J.A. Tyler has new pieces in Word Riot, Prick of the Spindle, decomP, and The Diagram, and three pieces at jmww:  HERE, HERE, and HERE. And a review/interview of PEE ON WATER, by Rachel Glaser appears in Rumble. And his novella INCONCEIVABLE WILSON was reviewed at The Collagist.

Northwestern University Press released Davis Schneiderman’s new novel Drain on June 30. More info HERE.

Stacy Muszynski is obsessed with liminal space. Read about it at jmww. More journeys at the owls.

John Madera‘s fiction: “Some Varieties of Being and Other Non Sequiturs” will appear in the Fall 2010 issue of Conjunctions. Check out a preview of the issue’s lineup HERE. His interview with Lance Olsen appears in Rain Taxi Review of Books, Summer 2010. He edited the flash fiction section of the Summer 2010 issue of jmww. Here’s a link to his introduction.

Michael Leong‘s e-chapbook of N+7 poems, The Great Archivist’s / Cloudy Quotient, was recently published by Beard of Bees Press.  Also check out his new poem “Epiphenomenal Epithalamium,” which will be featured for a week (along with an editorial exegesis) at LEVELER starting July 4th.
Paul Kincaid‘s review of Lifelode by Jo Walton appeared at Strange Horizons, as did his joint review of Cheek By Jowl by Ursula K. Le Guin and Imagination/Space by Gwyneth Jones. His review of Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds was at SF Site.

Jac Jemc has new poetry out in the new issues of La Petite Zine and Bone Bouquet.

A D Jameson has three new pieces online: “Whisper, Current, Gust” in alice blue review, “Lamentations 1” in Requited, and “The Walls of Uruk”, an excerpt from his forthcoming novel Giant Slugs, in Action, Yes.

Greg Gerke reviewed Kim Chinquee’s Pretty at The Rumpus.

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