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James Kaelan’s WE’RE GETTING ON is a must have

Like all of you BigOther contributors & readers, I am passionate about books. & when I read a book that I love, I have to spread the word.

I received Jame Kaelan’s signed, first (seeded cover) edition of WE’RE GETTING ON, & was blown away. I had read some excerpts of this book early on & was worried, just in part, that perhaps the Zero Emission Tour & seeded-cover (while genius & wonderful) would overshadow the book or make more of the story than it actually was. Not the case, not at all.

Holding the seeded cover is a tremendous feeling, the art & titling are letterpress quality & beautiful, & being a part of something new & big & different is a bad-ass moment for sure. & then I read the story, this narrative of a man who wants to break down the world, or at least himself, & I was enthralled. The language is just concrete enough to make for a quick & smooth read while also remaining poetic enough to avoid any genre labels.The narrative is gritty & unexpected, the characters not inundated with expositional elements but rather cast in quick, shadowed light, the way characters should be written. A dance of words on a page that turns into a spruce tree.

This is good good writing, stellar design, & a book that is haunting me still, two days later. I want this to haunt you. I want you to be haunted. Pick up a copy Pick up a copy Pick up a copy.

6 thoughts on “James Kaelan’s WE’RE GETTING ON is a must have

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m repeating what I’ve already said at Goodreads, but I was so impressed and engaged by how well the content of the book and the concept/context work together here that I’m actually hesitant to read the longer version. Though I’m sure I will in time.

  2. I couldn’t agree more — the writing and the stories are more the equal to the Tour and book design.

    I, too, am haunted still. i’ve read all the stories more than once, and each time I find more.

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