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a brief review of MY HEART SAID NO…

Thanks to the kindness of the folks at Raw Dog Screaming Press & author Bradley Sands, I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of his latest collection of work, MY HEART SAID NO, BUT THE CAMERA CREW SAID YES!

What I think is most important about this collection of humorous bizarro tales, is that Bradley Sands understands how to write genre fiction (bizarro, new absurdist, splatterpunk, et cetera) while not forgetting that genre literature is still literature – these stories are not simple plot hacked open with violence but instead adjective stuffed phrases that twist in milked description. A for instance:

A school of fish swims by. I blow bubbles in he shape of a hungry man borrowing a pen from a student who’s trapped between the yumminess of an honor roll, but they respond with bubbles of white void.


She has legs that could leap tall mocha lattes in a single bound, hips like Mrs. Butterworth, and a mugshot that bathed in the unsightly stains of the police photographer. Crispin is so relieved about skipping the partiarchal ritual of spring formal past that he doesn’t mind that her bowels are spilling out of her party dress.


Then all of her guts, entrails, and fluids coalesced and swirled around together like a load of piratey garb during a washing machine’s spin cycle. It stopped, and she was together again.

You can read more about this title here, & you should if bizarro fiction is up your alley & you want genre literature that is still literature. Bradley Sands is doing it, has done it, so check it out.

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