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Got a Long Poem or Novella?

You know you do. (Molly asked me to post this.):

The following news doesn’t yet appear on The Seattle Review‘s website, but keep it in mind while preparing fall submissions:


“Announcing Sweeping Format Changes and a Call for Long Poems and Novellas

The editors of The Seattle Review are pleased to announce that, starting with our forthcoming fall 2010 issue, The Seattle Review will publish, and will only publish, long poems and novellas.

We are looking for exceptional, risk-taking, intellectually and imaginatively (as if these two could ever be separated) poems between ten and thirty pages in length.

The long poem can be:

a single long poem in its entirety

self-contained excerpt from a book length poem

a unified sequence or series of poems

We are also looking for novellas (see above description of poetry): stories between forty and ninety pages long.

Please note, as of May 2010, poetry submissions to The Seattle Review of less than ten pages in length, and those submissions of less than forty pages, will be returned unread.”

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John Madera is the author of Nervosities (Anti-Oedipus Press, 2024). His other fiction is published in Conjunctions, Salt Hill, The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing, and many other journals. His nonfiction is published in American Book Review, Bookforum, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Rain Taxi: Review of Books, The Believer, The Brooklyn Rail, and many other venues. Recipient of an M.F.A. in Literary Arts from Brown University, New York State Council on the Arts awardee John Madera lives in New York City, Rhizomatic and manages and edits Big Other.

3 thoughts on “Got a Long Poem or Novella?

  1. I don’t think this will reverse the trend of many, many more literary magazines publishing what is known in some circles as flash fiction.

    1. no, definitely not reverse the trend, but more so i think takes advantage of the trend by offering an opening that is the exact opposite, a swirling almost stable sidepool in an otherwise white-water and choppy current. as much as i like flash, it gives me hope to see there is at least a venue for this kind of stuff.

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