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A Pause in the Calamari

I have been catching up on a back-log of reviews, though I will return to my full press review of Calamari Books in just a bit. But in the meantime, this is a bad-ass book that I read last night: AMERICAN GYMNOPEDIES by Scott Garson (Willows Wept Press, 2010). Here are some excellent quotes from this fabulous text:

I’d be a rich man if I could seize the molecules that skate my eyes in this infected light.

Mom was out getting a pedicure. The last time she’d got light, light blue. It was like the sky was in there.

One time I got back to find plastic forks and bits of cake on colorful paper plates around the tree in my yard. It was a bendy palm. The yard was minuscule. The tree went up and up.”

Turn this city upside down, and I swear that the clouds will find a way to support it.”

Someone should interview Mr. Garson on BigOther – o wait, here it is already (thanks Greg).

& Molly, can people still buy this somewhere? Or will they be able to soon?

3 thoughts on “A Pause in the Calamari

  1. Will hopefully soon be available again. Have some things in the works . . .

    Thanks for the press, J.

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