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David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Georgia Coffee Ads

Agent Cooper’s not the only one stuck in the Black Lodge. From LynchNet:

These commercials were done for the Japanese canned coffee, Georgia. The series was set in Twin Peaks and featured many of the cast from the series. In the ads, a Japanese man searches for his missing wife. Each commercial added more clues to the mystery, until the final one where Cooper rescues her from the Black Lodge. Originally a second series of four were planned, but the Coffee company, unhappy with the first series, canceled them.

(Just like Twin Peaks!)

Here they are, directed by David Lynch himself:

#1. Lost:

#2. Cherry Pie:

#3. The Mystery of “G”:

…By now Coop and the gang are so jittery, you’ll have to excuse the tracking on this next one:

#4. The Rescue:

Other Lynch commercials are available at LynchNet—even his Playstation commercials. (Although, oddly, they’re missing the second of these Georgia ads.)

And…a bit more about Georgia.

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